Specialty Payment and Other Services

FLEETCOR sells a range of customized fleet and lodging payment programs directly and indirectly through partners, such as major oil companies and petroleum marketers. These programs provide our customers with various options to purchase fuel, lodging and related products and services at participating locations.

  • CLC Lodging

    CLC Lodging is the nation's leading provider of workforce lodging rates, delivering workforce travel savings and solutions for thousands of companies throughout North America. For the past 30 years, CLC has built a network of thousands of hotels nationwide and state-of-the-art data management and payment processing systems to manage client billings and reports. These advantages provide clients with significant savings and increased visibility into lodging costs. CLC's resources free up clients' travel, purchasing, finance and operations departments so they can focus on their core business.

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  • Carnet

    CCS Carnet is a GPS/GSM-based monitoring of personal cars, vans, trucks, machines and peripherals. The GPS system ensures continuous monitoring of location of vehicles and machines. The GSM-based communication serves for transmission of vital data (such as the location, engine characteristics, consumption, inputs from peripherals and other) to the CCS Carnet operating center. Collected data are processed and translated into user-friendly reports that can be tailored upon request. Synergy of the monitoring system in combination with data from fuel cards provide unique benefit for clients in form of on-line information on travel costs related to individual fleet cars and machines.

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  • Efectivale

    Efectivale is a leading provider of fuel and food card/voucher services to businesses and governmental entities in Mexico. Over the last 20 years, the company has built nationwide networks of food and fuel merchants who accept its payment products, providing exceptional convenience, tax benefits, controls, and reporting to clients and users. The acquisition of new businesses in Mexico is consistent with FLEETCOR's strategy for building a position in emerging payment markets.

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  • VB Servicos

    VB Servicos is a leading provider of transportation cards (or vale transporte) in Brazil where employers are required by legislation to provide certain employees with prepaid public transportation cards to subsidize their commuting expenses. VB is a market-leader in this space serving business clients and employees, and supporting transportation agencies across the country. VB also markets food cards through an agreement with Edenred.

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  • Epyx

    Epyx provides a Saas system and a network of vehicle repair garages to fleet operators in the UK. The Epyx service helps its customers better manage their vehicle maintenance, service, and repair needs. The Epyx service automates repair authorization, schedules service appointments, control costs, and simplifies overall vehicle service administration.

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  • Nextraq

    NexTraq provides fleet operators with an easy-to-use SaaS telematics solution that enhances workforce productivity and controls costs through real time vehicle tracking, route optimization, job dispatch, and fuel usage monitoring. NexTraq is based in Atlanta.

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