FLEETCOR ERGs Create an Inclusive Culture

Mary McCorvey, VP of Global Human Resources

As Black History Month concludes, we extend special thanks to our Black and Brown Excellence and Achievement Movement employee resource group (ERG) for bringing together our employees in celebration through events and education. This is the latest example of how FLEETCOR’s ERGs are fostering a culturally diverse and inclusive environment and creating a true sense of belonging as one of FLEETCOR’s top priorities. FLEETCOR follows “five dos” as we continue learning along the journey of building a strong culture in which ERGs are welcomed and encouraged.

#1 We communicate by listening, learning and sharing

FLEETCOR’s Global Diversity Council, three regional councils and seven ERGs globally, are helping build diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DIB) into all aspects of global operations. Our ERGs include Women at the Table, Pride at the Cor, and Black and Brown Excellence and Achievement Movement in North America, DiversiFLEET, Ubuntu and WeCan in Brazil, and Women at the Cor in the UK.

The number of FLEETCOR ERGs is growing as people find shared interests and/or experiences, or as the need arises. Every year, we show commitment to DIB by hosting global awareness events celebrating International Women’s Day, PRIDE Month, Juneteenth, International Day of Charity, Mental Health Awareness, and Black History Month.

#2 We have buy-in and support from the top

A Great Places to Work® ERG case study found 100% of executive sponsors of ERGs said company leadership encouraged participation in ERGs, while 52% of ERG leaders agreed. Further, 78% of executive sponsors thought ERG involvement supports career advancement, but just 40% of ERG leaders believed this to be true.

At FLEETCOR, Ron Clarke – our CEO and Chairman of the Board – sponsors our ERGs. Having the CEO’s support and buy-in are critical to our ERGs’ success – we are lucky to have both. When the C-suite and other global leaders back ERGs up, company culture becomes stronger.

#3 We don’t get stuck in ideation – we get into action

There’s nothing wrong with brainstorming ideas and making a list of all the great things an ERG could accomplish, but since time and resources are limited, we prioritize one or two initiatives with the goal of accomplishing them.

For example, FLEETCOR’s Women at the Table ERG established a leadership council to keep members on track. It also has four pillars – like four corners of a house –  development, involvement, networking, and communications. Without those pillars serving as a foundation, it would be challenging to keep the proverbial roof up.

#4 We drive awareness and encourage participation

HR’s support and sponsorship can help ERGs get the word out on anything from an upcoming event to interest in a new group. When FLEETCOR’s Black and Brown Excellence and Achievement Movement ERG formed, communication through the company intranet attracted approximately 400 people to its first meeting. The group also relies on Slack channels to communicate upcoming events, send out surveys and polls, and engage with members regularly.

#5 We measure success and adjust accordingly

At FLEETCOR, we believe engagement surveys or polls to gather feedback and ensure members feel events and activities are worthwhile. For example, heterosexual and/or cisgender folks may want to show allyship to coworkers by attending a PRIDE ERG event or meeting.

We welcome allies to ERG activities by using verbiage like “join our meeting to understand others’ viewpoints and experiences.” Attending a different group’s meeting or occasion is a great way to understand different lifestyles and outlooks, which can ultimately lead to more productive collaboration.

We are better together

ERGs are important to FLEETCOR because they give individual employees a voice. They provide a sense of belonging to people of different colors, abilities, backgrounds, genders, political beliefs, and more. Rather than one size fits all, FLEETCOR provides many sizes to fit different employees’ needs for inclusion. We feel this is one reason FLEETCOR is not only an attractive place to work, but a great place to have a long and fulfilling career.